Faye Swetlik

Faye Swetlik motorcade

Our entire community is heartbroken and sickened by what happened to little Faye Swetlik. Many of us wept as we watched the motorcade enter Lexington from Charleston today . . . I know I did. So as we all ask ourselves how did this happen and what can we do now, remember this: EVIL IS BORN IN VERY SMALL AND UNASSUMING WAYS AND ONLY GROWS LARGE OVER TIME IF LEFT UNTREATED! Evil is like mold, starting very small in a hidden crevice and slowly multiplying over time. So if we are serious about fighting back against these types of tragedies, we have to battle against evil at its source in order to prevent it from growing into the deranged killers that murder our children. This means we have to rally together as a community against the very nascent forms of evil that produce murderers among us . . . we have to come together with one voice and with absolute resolve to eliminate all forms of bullying in our schools and workplaces, all the dehumanizing pornography on our phones and computers, all illicit and mind-altering drugs from our community and all forms of hate in our society.

We must understand that the barbarians who kill our children aren’t simply born. They are nurtured in hate, dehumanized in abuse and family brokenness, perverted through internet pornography and numbed by illicit drugs. These things, along with other known evils, synergize in a fallen human heart and create the people who purchase prostitutes, as though sacred human bodies are for sale. It creates people who traffic vulnerable young girls for personal gain, people who incite addiction to feed their own greed and people who demean, dehumanize and often kill the weak and vulnerable among us for their own wicked pleasures.

So let’s not simply mourn and do nothing else . . . let’s resolve to confront and overcome evil in all of its nascent forms everywhere we find it in our circles of influence – at work, at home, at school, on our sports fields and in our community at large. If we are to overcome evil, we must battle it early and often and ultimately overcome it with GOOD and with GOD! May God have mercy on our community and provide us with the collective courage and wisdom necessary to accomplish all these things and more.

#RIP #FayeSwetlik #NeverAgain